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The schedules linked below reflect the combined tuition and general use fees required of all courses. Certain courses may require additional fees for labs, liability insurance, private instruction and testing.

This schedule reflects the tuition and fee rates in effect at the time the current MC Catalog & Handbook was printed. All tuition and fees printed in the catalog are subject to change by the Midland College Board of Trustees. The most recent rates are published in the course schedule.

 • Tuition and General Use Fees for Lower Division Course (MC Online Catalog)
   (Freshman and Sophomore, left-hand column of chart)

 • Tuition and General Use Fees for Upper Division Courses (MC Online Catalog)
   (Junior and Senior, right-hand column of chart)

 • Additional Costs - Laboratory Fees (MC Online Catalog)
   (beneath tuition charts)

 • Additional Costs - Special Charges (MC Online Catalog)
   (beneath tuition charts)